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History of GTCO CalComp

After 35 years GTCO CalComp, an eInstruction Company continues to be a world leader in computer input peripherals having pioneered the use of pen-based electromagnetic sensing technology currently utilized in our Interactive Dual Boards and digitizer product lines.

Corporate Mission
To be the most responsive, highest quality manufacturer and supplier of superior value input peripherals—dramatically improving the productivity of individuals, teams and organizations worldwide.

Our digitizing and measurement products are used for a wide range of design, engineering, construction, graphics, apparel, medical and GIS/mapping applications. In 2008 GTCO CalComp was acquired by eInstruction a pioneer in student response systems in education. Our eInstruction technology gives administrators the ability to instantly capture, grade, report and analyze student performance data. Together the company now offers Educators and administrators a family of software, student response systems, interactive whiteboards, mobile interactive whiteboards, and powerful enterprise-based administrator tools. GTCO CalComp, Inc., a global company, is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, with offices in Cincinnati, Ohio, Denton, Texas and Paris, France.

 Founded in 1975, GTCO CalComp was awarded a patent for the invention of the world's first absolute-position electromagnetic digitizing technology. Since then, GTCO CalComp has produced and now supports over 1 million input systems in over fifty countries around the world, sold under some of the most recognized brand names in the peripherals industry. The Company continues to focus on developing input peripherals that dramatically improve individual and group productivity. Each GTCO CalComp peripheral is engineered for a specific use and user in mind.

GTCO CalComp takes stringent steps in both design and manufacture to ensure the highest possible level of product reliability with a goal of zero customer downtime. We invite you to browse our site and hope that you too will soon benefit from a GTCO CalComp product.

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